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Venture the Unknown

About Aphelia

We build wireless charging stations that can deliver kW-level of wireless power delivery to dedicated satellite constellations through a very low SWaP ratio & cost of a receiver subsystem so that satellite companies or subsystem developers can enhance their capabilities.

Aphelia's Pitch Deck (General).png
Aphelia's Pitch Deck (General).png

Our Why

Consumerize Space Exploration

We aim to enable everyday people on Earth to be part of a space-faring civilization.


Just like how smartphones nowadays have enabled digital economy across the Earth, we aim to enhance satellite & space technology capabilities to enable space economy across many regions in our Solar System, for everyday people on Earth.

Our Technology

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Our core technology is a scalable, tile system of RF Wireless Power Transmission technology. It is capable of transferring wireless power delivery and at the highest total system efficiency to provide high power at the lowest cost/kWh for customers.

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Values for  Satellites constellations

Up to 90% reduced additional launching cost

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No Physical Docking Contact

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Enhance Satellite Capabilities

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Allows Flexible, Complex & Life-Extension Missions

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Reduce Risk of Space Debris


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Contact Us


+60 16-242 0125

Aphelia's Pitch Deck (General).png
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